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Interface Criticism

Aesthetics Beyond Buttons

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295 sider, ill.
ISBN 978 87 7934 504 1


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From the screen of our laptops, and from the ubiquitous portable devices, smart phones, and media players, to the embedded computation in clothes, architecture and big urban screens, interfaces are everywhere. They are simultaneously demanding our attention and computing quietly in the background, turning action into inter-action, and mediating our experience of and relations to the social and environmental. But how can aesthetics respond to this, and how do interfaces set the scene for artistic practices?

Interface Critisism is not another design manual but a critical investigation for readers interested in the aesthetic, cultural and political dimensions of interfaces. With contributions from leading researchers within the field, the book covers a wide range of aesthetic expressions - including urban screens, wearable interfaces, performances, games, net-art, software art, and sound art, and discusses how new cultures evolve around, for example, open souce or live coding.

The volume critically investigates the aesthetics of interfaces in ways that transcend the iconic surface of the graphical user interface and goes beyond the buttons. Ultimately the book develops interface aesthetics as an appropriate paradigm for a critical discussion of the computer.


BACK: Displays and History

Monumental Attractions: Toward An Archaeology of Public Media Interfaces.

The Haptic Interface: On Signal Transmissions and Events.

THROUGH: Sensation and Perception

The Interface at the Skin.

Interface Perception: The Cybernetic Mentality and Its Critics: Ubermorgen.com.

BEHIND: Representation and Computation

What Is Interface Aesthetics or What Could It Be (Not)?

The Computation of Space.

DOWN: Software and Code

Means-end of Software.

Poesis of Human-Computer Interaction: Music, Materiality and Live Coding.

Writerly Gaming: Political Gaming.

OUT: Culture and Politics

The Net Interface and the Public Sphere.

Is There Really Only One Word For It?

Vocabularies in the Expanded Field of Interface Aesthetics.

Transparent World: Minoritarian Tactics in the Age of Transparency.

Collective Hallucination and Capitalism 2.0: Scale-free Elections in France